How to order.

Experience the warmth and rich history of Taiwanese hospitality,
service and memorabilia from our restaurant, in the comfort of your home or convenient destination of your preference.

  • Eat-in
  • Eat-in.

    1. 1,Scan our QR Code conveniently from your smartphone.
    2. 2,See our complete menu from our website.
      We invite you to place your order from our website.
    3. 3,After your meal has been prepared, our staff will promptly serve your meal tableside.
      ※Any other items ordered from our menu, we will also bring to your table.

    ※Please enjoy Wi-Fi from the comfort of our restaurant

    ※Standard sales tax is 10%

  • take-out
  • Take-out.

    1. 1,Please download our app and place your order from there. You will immediately receive an Order #.
    2. 2,After your order has been prepared, please pick up your meal and (or) items at our restaurant.
    3. 3,Upon arrival, please provide your Order # to our staff who will promptly complete your order.


    ※8% reduced sales tax on all food

    ※After downloading our app, the nearest restaurant will display at the top of the list.
    If our location does not appear at the top, please scroll down until you see our location.

  • delivery
  • Delivery

    1. 1,Conveniently place your order via our app or through our link below.
    2. 2,Our staff will deliver your order at your preferred location.

    ※10% standard sales tax applied to Uber Eats